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Katharina Eser

Katharina Eser

Business Innovation Manager

Freising – PreciPoint is one of the best 20 startup employers in the healthcare category in Germany. Business Punk magazine and Statista chose the top startup employers for the first time this year, and PreciPoint was able to beat 2500 other startups at the first attempt. The survey period was April to August 2021. PreciPoint specializes in digitalization solutions in the field of microscopy. The German company has two locations in Freising, Bavaria and another in Thuringia. PreciPoint has a wealth of experience in microscope manufacturing and its equipment is used in many laboratories worldwide. “This award is a great pleasure,” says Dominik Gerber, Managing Director of PreciPoint. “We have a really great, creative and productive team.” Flat hierarchies and an open culture of discussion are among the foundations of team leadership at PreciPoint. “In addition, we have an open culture of making mistakes here. Failing forward is our philosophy. Because you can only achieve extraordinary things if you try extraordinary things. This mentality creates an open climate for discussion, which our partners also perceive positively,” says Nicolas Weiß, Co-CEO at PreciPoint. Since there is no universal definition of what distinguishes a startup, various criteria were set for the competition to narrow down the set of companies to be examined. Companies that have their headquarters in Germany, were founded between 2012 and 2018 and do not originate from a spin-off of a corporate group were considered for the competition. From April 2021 to July 2021, relevant articles and posts from various media segments were identified and categorized as positive, neutral, or negative using text analysis methods. In addition, virality and reach were included in the scoring. Furthermore, peers, experts and young professionals were interviewed online about the employer. Does the company have a sustainable business model? Does the strategy make sense? Are there fast promotion opportunities and special benefits? Finally, growth and employee satisfaction were further important indicators.

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