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Women in Pathology

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Past Events

 Thanks a lot to our guest speakers and to everyone who participated and attended in this 4-part series of live events!

Thursday 27.05. | 17:00 –18:30

Accelerating research through digitization – 
how can we collaborate in research?

In this virtual panel, we are excited to talk with female experts on how digitization is accelerating research.

You will learn about:

• How digital and connected is research in times of corona today?

• What is the role of digital imaging in global research?

• What can accelerate the research?

Speakers for this event:

  • Tanja Niedermair,
    Uni Regensburg, Biologist

  • Helena Radbruch,
    Charité, Neuropathologist

  • Annette Lebeau,
    Pathologie Lübeck, Pathologist

  • Birgit Müller,
    PreciPoint, Head of Business Development

#research #collaboration #digitaltransformation #laboratory #digitization #imaging

Thursday 06.05. | 17:00 –18:30 

Using analysis software – how to implement AI?

In this virtual panel, we are excited to talk with female experts about the use of AI and how you can get started.

You will learn about:

• What are the most interesting applications for pathology?

• What are the biggest roadblocks and fears for implementation?

• How can we get started?

Speakers for this event:

  • Hanne Breddam,
    BusinessMinds, Data Scientist

  • Heather Couture,
    Pixel Scientia Labs, LLC
    Expert in AI for pathology

  • Maria Gabrani,
    IBM, Manager Cognitive Healthcare & Life Sciences

  • Birgit Müller,
    PreciPoint, Head of Business Development

#AI #mageanalysiis #deeplearning #digitaltransformation #computationalpathology #changemanagement #digitalmicroscopy #laboratory #digitization

Thursday 29.04. | 17:00 –18:30

Leading Digitization – How to Be Convincing?

In this virtual panel, we are excited to talk with female experts about strategies for being more convincing and how change can be realized with all the different people involved in the process.

You will learn about:

• Who are the different stakeholders that need to be convinced to be able to digitize the lab?

• In which ways can different stakeholders be engaged?

• What role does Change Management play in digitization?

Speakers for this event:

  • Claire Delbridge,
    TUM, Neuropathologist

  • Josefine Radke,


  • Frauke Wildvang,
    Nyvist, Partner in consulting


  • Friederike Schneider,
    PreciPoint, Sales Rep & Medical P


  • Katja Steiger,
    TUM, Head of comparative experimental pathology

#digitaltransformation #leadership #changemanagement #digitalmicroscopy #laboratory

Thursday 22.04. | 17:00 –18:30

Digitizing the Pathology Lab – How to Progress?

In this virtual panel, we are excited to talk with female experts about the enablers and roadblocks they experience in digitizing a lab.

You will learn about:

• What are the technologies to consider?

• What are potential road blocks, and how can they be overcome?

• What is the current best practice in digitization of the labs?

Speakers for this Event:

  • Inti Zlobec,
    Uni Bern, Operative Head Tissue Bank Bern, Swiss Consortium for Digital Pathology

  • Talat Zehra,
    Jinnah Sindh Medical University Karachi, Pathlogist

  • Nicole Zorn,
    Sakura Finetek, Marketing Manager Central Region

  • Birgit  Müller,
    PreciPoint, Head of Business Development

#digitaltransformation #computationalpathology #changemanagement #digitalmicroscopy #laboratory #digitization

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