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Oil Digital Microscope and
Slide Scanner

O8 Oil digital microscope and scanner

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What our customers say

"It's intuitive. It offers high quality images. It's a cross between a microscope and a scanner and offers many new and interesting possibilities."

Dr. Christian Matek
Helmholtz Zentrum Munich

"I save a lot of time because the digital microscope is about 20-30% faster than a simple light microscope."

Dr. Olivia Coleman
Munich University of Technology

"My favorite part of the microscope is the ability to zoom in and out without changing lenses and the ability to move quickly through slides." "It's great for showing large samples in detail."

Dr. Stefan Weigel
Munich University of Technology

"With these really nice scanned images of the M8, I can choose which region I want to present in the work or presentation."

Dr. Tatiana Flisikowska
Center for Food Science Weihenstephan