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A premier destination for education in virtual microscopy and quality management.

PreciCourse: Unmatched Learning Solution for Virtual Microscopy

A meticulously crafted unparalleled learning excellence for educators and learners. 

Educational Institutions​

Leading the change in transformative microscopy education.

Quality Management​

Accuracy through robust audit and quality control solutions.

Healthcare & Pathology​

Precision imaging for precise diagnostics and training.

Features at a Glance

Create Courses

Interactive Digital Courses

Craft engaging digital microscopy courses effortlessly with our user-friendly platform. Simplify assessment tasks by designing and administering custom exams seamlessly with our versatile toolset

Advanced Slide Viewing

Optimize your learning journey with our integrated digital slide management feature, streamlining access and organization for effortless study and review of course materials. 


Comprehensive Evaluation

Detailed insights on individual and group performance, course completion, and engagement, improvement areas, and drive e-learning excellence with data-driven decisions. 

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Unrivalled Digital Microscopy Classroom Experience

Elevate student involvement through stimulating courses with the flexibility and convenience offered by PreciCourse and Preci.Cloud 

  • Engaging online courses and exams. 
  • Collaborative specimen viewing. 
  • High-performance seamless microscopy. 
  • Accessible on any device for remote learning. 

Bespoke Training Courses

Track learner progress with powerful reporting, assessing the effectiveness of your e-learning initiatives in real-time. 

  • Customized digital course platform. 
  • Superior performance evaluation tool. 
  • In-depth assessment of user interaction. 
  • Track progress with robust reporting features. 
Accessing second opinion with real-time digital microscopy

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