ScanPoint is a whole slide
scanning service

You simply send us your samples and we do the scanning!

scanpoint slides
scanpoint scanning
scanpoint digitized

1. Slides

2. Scanning

3. Digitizing

They send us their samples.

We scan the samples and generate digital files in various formats.

Digital samples are uploaded to our secure cloud platform and we send the samples back to you

Free viewer software

With ViewPoint, our free viewer software allows you to to view, annotate, measure, and process your digitized slides on your own device >> Download ViewPoint

scanpoint tablet
Variable specimen dimensions

ScanPoint supports standard slides as well as unconventional dimensions and thicknesses. Scanning of covered and uncovered slides possible

scanpoint slide
Highest quality

ScanPoint stands for highest quality and excellent resolution even for difficult samples and applications

Highest quality
M8 Microscope and Scanner

Digitize your slides in the right resolution

Send us a request for a non-binding offer!

We scan your samples and create web-based or offline sample collections for you. Highest quality, variable dimensions and free viewer software.

The price for ScanPoint depends on the desired magnification, the number of slides and the dimensions of the slides.

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Advanced analyses

PreciPoint offers plug-in solutions for your automated and software-based analytics


Access your slides from anywhere and collaborate with your colleagues. Simultaneous work on the same cases made very easy

Classroom teaching

PreciPoint offers complete solutions to support your teaching, workshops and training.