Virtual Slide Viewing Software

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Sets new standards

Viewing and interacting with virtual microscope image data - free of charge!

Various formats

Mouse & Touch Navigation

Process & Manipulation

View high resolution images from different microscopy brands and image formats
Full touch experience with all touch-enabled Windows devices (e.g. tablets)
Annotations, measurements, counting tools, color filtering and histogram-based color manipulations, multiple fields of view, snapshots, xls exports and many more applications and analyses are waiting for you

Advanced functions


Access your digital samples from anywhere and collaborate with your colleagues. Simultaneous work on the same cases made easy.

Advanced analyses

Precipoint offers plug-in solutions for your automated and software-based analytics.

Classroom teaching

Precipoint offers complete solutions to support your teaching, workshops and trainings.


See for yourself.
FREE software for viewing whole samples
Simple, intuitive and ergonomic operation via touchscreen
Supported formats: PreciPoint (.vmic) ; Aperio (.svs, .tif) ; Hamamatsu (.vms, .vmu, .ndpi) ; Leica (.scn) ; MIRAX (.mrxs) ; Philips (. tiff) ; Sakura (.svslide) ; Trestle (.tif) ; Ventana (.bif, .tif) ; Generic tiled TIFF (.tif) ; .jpg ; .tiff ; .bmp ; .png ; .gif
Speicherbare Formate: TIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG
Annotationen, Messungen & Bildmanipulationen: CSV / XLS, VPA, FPF
Optionale softwarebasierte Anwendungen und Auswertungen
1x – 350x zoom (lens / digital)
Slide overview always available
Most optimal under Windows 7 – 10