Artificial Intelligence for Digital Microscopy

It is time to transform high-resolution image evaluation with digital microscopy and AI-powered image analysis solution. By adopting digital microscopes and AI at the same, you stand to benefit from advanced features, increased accuracy and precision, and greater convenience. While our products such as M8 Microscope and Scanner, O8 Oil Microscope and Scanner, and Fritz Slide Scanner, allow you to explore the world of digital pathology, IKOSA’s AI-powered image analysis algorithms automate and improve the evaluation process. Our digital microscopes and slide scanner, along with IKOSA, together, revolutionize the way you evaluate and understand histology samples.


Empowering Your Workflow

Our M8 and O8 digital microscopes and Fritz slide scanner make digitization of your pathology workflow easier and faster. While the microscopes deliver live images of high-quality of complex specimens, Fritz allows you to create your virtual microscopy platform and lets you experience fast and efficient analysis, seamless collaboration, and remote viewing of high-quality digital images.

• Ideal for pathologists, researchers, and educators
• Best-in-class high-resolution image
• Made in Germany


Collaborating Working Environment

IKOSA is a user-friendly, web-based image analysis solution that is perfect for individuals and teams working together. With IKOSA, you can effortlessly count cells, identify key areas of interest, and assess tissue characteristics. IKOSA maintains the crucial knowledge and organization of your work, streamlining the image analysis process.
No coding skills are needed to:
• train your own AI applications that produce interpretable and quantifiable results.
• generate an unbiased second opinion.
• reduce analysis times.


The Bundle Power

Our products with IKOSA make up a smart user collaboration that could scale up your workflow. Crack your complex workflow with state-of-the-art technologies that are powered by a simple and intuitive user interface.

• Speed and efficiency
• Consistency and accuracy
• High-resolution images
• Remote collaboration and access
• Improved data management
• Enhanced educational opportunities