O8 Oil Digital Microscope and Slide Scanner

The unique solution for oil immersion, whole slide scanningand complete solution for digital microscopy.

(for use in non-clinical laboratory research).

The complete solution for digital microscopy

Whole Slide Scanning

Scan entire slides and selected regions of interest with air and oil lenses up to 100x.

All in one device

The O8 serves as both a digital microscope and a scanner, offering completely new possibilities for your workflow.

Cloud storage and
Image analysis

Revolutionize your work with cloud solutions, virtual classrooms, and powerful image analysis tools.

O8 Nikon

For various applications

The O8 is the perfect working instrument for various demanding applications such as in hematology or oncology research.

Live remote control

Check the O8 from anywhere, at any time, while collaborating with colleagues to get second opinions.

Made in Germany

PreciPoint products have been manufactured and developed in Germany since 1982 and have an excellent track record of stability and quality, serving hundreds of satisfied customers around the globe.

Whole Slide Scanning

Scan entire slides and selected regions of interest with objectives from 20x to 100x in oil or air. For the first time, users are offered the ability to create the highest quality scanned whole slide images with oil lenses. The resulting images are stunning. The O8 is a great working tool for various applications, that enable completely new use cases. The availability of digital whole-slide images helps users simplify and standardize their work, increasing efficiency and quality.

Advantages of whole slide scanning

See for yourself: scanned with 100 times oil

The image is hosted on PreciCloud, our web-based platform for centralizing
and digitization of your workflow.

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Digitize your workflow

Areas of application of the O8

Remote control

Accelerates research through rapid digitization of images

Projects the microscope onto a large screen when examining samples

Full access to all samples everywhere and at any time

Projects the microscope onto a large screen when examining samples

Ergonomic large touchscreen facilitates long hours of research

Eliminates the need for a microscope and slide per student

Save travel time and shipping costs

The overview image helps you and the audience to orientate yourself

Increases accuracy and understandability of results with annotation tools

A comprehensive overview in high quality is offered by

Work from home, consult colleagues virtually

Einen umfassenden Überblick in hoher Qualität bietet

High-quality sample scans for publications and documentation

Comment on rehearsals together live

Have full control of the microscope without directing the technician

View and analyze live images together

Working from home with virtual microscopy

Scanning and sharing images after class

Save scan latency

Remote presentations possible

Instant reception of consultations with remote control

Work from home, create virtual classrooms

Elimination of on-call duty for traveling physicians

Convince the conferees with excellent image quality

Access virtual slides online anytime, anywhere for discussion and study

All possible details are available as there is digital access to the physical slide.

Sparen Sie Reisezeit und Transportkosten

O8 Remote

Live remote control

Users can log into the O8 from anywhere in the world, control the O8 live directly, voice their opinions remotely, and even participate in consultations from their own offices. These are just a few of the many benefits that the O8 offers with its live remote control capabilities. You no longer need to use the expensive double or multi-head microscopes. You no longer need to scan the sample beforehand. You no longer have to travel. No more shipping of slides. Thanks to the fully automated and motorized Microscope &54; Scanner O8, users can access and control the O8 remotely and control the O8 live and instantly. Live remote control is possible on computers, laptops, tablets and even smartphones. Develop the way you participate in classes, conferences, collaborations, second opinions, or whatever your application is.

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  • Overview image
  • 3 operating modes tailored to different workflows:
    Live mode, instant sampling and sample scanning
  • Scanning of barcodes: On request
  • Light: transmitted light; LED, brightfield
  • Seamless zoom: Live stitching eliminates the need for objective changes
  • Supported targets: 20x to 100x air and oil (Olympus)
  • Simple, intuitive and ergonomic handling
  • Notes, measurements
  • Automated x-y stage
  • Automated Z-axis; Z-stacking (up to 450 μm range)
  • Slide capacity: 25 x 75 mm (2 slides) or 50 x 75 mm (1 slide)
  • 45cm x 40cm x 30cm; 25kg; tabletop unit
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany
  • Full sample imaging or partial digitization
  • Instant scan mode: large field of view within seconds at high resolution
  • Various scan algorithms tailored to different slide qualities
  • Scanning speed per slide at 100x: 1 h*
  • Scangeschwindigkeit pro Dia bei 20x: 2 min*.
  • Scan resolution with 100x: 1.3 – 1.45 NA**: 0.11 μm/px
  • Scan resolution with 60x: 0.9 – 1.42 NA**: 0.18 μm/px
  • Scan resolution with 40x: 0.75 – 1.4 NA**: 0.28 μm/px
  • Scan-Auflösung mit 20x: 0,5 – 0,8 NA**: 0,55 μm/px
  • Live remote control

*Depending on sample preparation, scan parameters and objectives; 15×15 mm
**Depending on the lens used

  • Including operating software “MicroPoint”.
    Viewer software “ViewPoint” included
  • Cloud image storage and image analysis
  • Various computers recommended and approved by PreciPoint
  • Connection from computer to O8: min. USB 3.0
    Various output formats: PNG, JPEG, TIFF, VMIC, XLS and many others

All specifications are subject to change without notice

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