Digitization analysis

Focus: Pathology, Histopathology

Digitization analysis of your laboratory research - in a cooperative project, we can find the optimal setup.


Laboratories as we know them today are in the process of changing. Increasing throughput demands combined with unfavorable demographics are challenging existing models. The path to digital workflows is unclear for most organizations. Many promising technologies are already available today, but holistic concepts and workflows are lacking. As well as practical solutions that are easy to use. We advise you on the digitization of your entire workflows – in a collaborative project, we find the optimal setup.

The path to change is... impractical

Digitization? Yes, but how?

Digitization of Microscopy Systems

When was the last time you installed a technical device, at home or at work? Did it work smoothly on the first try? Was it easy to use?
In many cases probably not.
When we deal with highly complex and technical devices that support digital laboratories, this is even more difficult.

And it’s even more important that they work properly, because you lose money if they don’t.
Digitizing entire workflows is by no means trivial. And it requires a comprehensive understanding of technology, IT and the processes of research labs.

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The process

Together we develop a customized strategy for digitizing your laboratory processes

To digitize your processes so that they are optimally tailored to your needs, we work with you to conduct a thorough analysis of your processes.
Then we can determine the process steps that make sense for digitization and jointly design an implementation plan for your lab. The steps are – Status quo analysis – Investigation – Roadmap – Implementation

We all agree that digitization makes sense.

But to what extent?
Does everything really have to be digitized?
Are there interactions between processes in terms of how digital we can be?

Together we can find answers to these questions!

You receive a strategy for digitization in four clearly defined steps.

First, our digitization specialists will have a conversation with you about your lab and your current situation.
We will ask many questions about your processes and workflows.

After our discussion, we can make a first hypothesis about the digitization potential and the need in your lab.
To test this hypothesis, we would like to conduct a ‘field study’ and visit you in your research lab to meticulously map your processes.

Only after we have gathered all the findings can we summarize our results and discuss how to improve the processes.

This means that we will design a blueprint for the new workflow in your lab and the implementation path.
This path will include financial, personnel, process and technological aspects.

Based on the findings and mapped processes of your laboratory, we determine the concrete steps that are necessary for digitization.

The next step will then be to implement the roadmap and realize the identified potential.

We work with you to design an implementation plan that meets your needs and capacities.

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Let's take the first step toward digitization together

Dominik Gerber

“Smart investments in new ways of working require dialogue within the entire lab team – only then do they really pay off”

Dominik Gerber
Felix Würzinger

“I’ve worked with processes in all sorts of areas, at the end of the day there were always savings to be had when you look at the big picture – people, machines and IT together.”

Felix Zeno Würzinger