PreciPoint digitizes microscopy and histological workflows by providing best-in-class digital microscopes, scanners, software, and consulting services.

Our mission

PreciPoint‘s mission is to shape the future of laboratory work by removing the entry barriers to digital workflows for users, scientists and experts by creating affordable and user-centric solutions and tools for digital microscopy and digital pathology. We believe in technology to empower, inspire and magnify the work of microscopy users around the globe. Our mission drives us to design products that combine first-class optics with compact and high-precision hardware design together with easy-to-use and powerful software. PreciPoint´s digital microscopes, scanners, and software are all developed and produced to the highest German engineering standards.  

Solutions we offer

Twenty years into the 21st century, most steps in histology labs are performed manually as they have been 150 years ago: Processing tissue samples, quality control of histological slides, manual and analogue microscopic analysis, archiving slides. Digital innovations are being introduced gradually due to the lack of reliable workflow solutions, high complexity and, often, higher workflow costs. That’s why PreciPoint offers affordable and user-centric solutions to remove the entry barriers to digitization. Our solution portfolio consists of:

  • Analysis of the processes for digitization in laboratories 
  • Unique digital microscopes  
  • Flexible and scalable slide scanners  
  • High-throughput solutions for digital pathology research
  • Telemicroscopy for remote workflows  
  • Software analysis  
  • Cloud services 
  • Virtual microscopy platforms and software

Our heritage

Our heritage: Originally established in 1982, PreciPoint made a successful exit of its portfolio for microscopy solutions for material sciences and started dedicating all its expertise and knowhow on solutions for life sciences as of 2018. Ever since, we use our strong heritage and long expertise in microscopy to build best-in-class digital microscopy and digital pathology solutions for students, educators, scientists, experts, engineers, and users all around the world. 

Where we are

Our Head office is located in Freising, close to Munich airport, while our production is located in close distance to Jena, the world-renowned optical valley situated in Thuringia, Germany. Our network of sales reps, resellers, as well as trade and business partners carry our solutions to users all around the world.