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Pathology Laboratory Management Software: For your laboratory to run smoothly and efficiently!
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Digitize Your Pathology Laboratory Processes

Our LIS provides flexibility and freedom by assembling modules customized to your precise needs. The personalized LIS modules are seamlessly integrated into the current IT infrastructure, laboratory equipment, and current data systems following a comprehensive analysis of the existing workflows and in-lab processes. These tailored modules align perfectly with your day-to-day operational requirements.

Laboratory to Results: From Receipt to Dispatch

The LIS guides you flawlessly through the entire pathology workflow, from inception to conclusion. Each modular component can be flexibly merged to create a fitted, integrated solution that adapts to the ever evolving needs.

LIMS Screen

Efficiently Dependable

  • Printing of 2D barcode labels
  • Shortcuts for quick printing
  • Audit-proof source document conversion to PDF/A
  • Transparent assignment of samples and cases
  • Documentation of case notes

Comprehensively Digital

  • Digital display of orders and transfer slips
  • Recognition of PDF 417 barcode from the transfer slip
  • Zone-based OCR recognition and verification of identified data
  • Color support (traffic light system) for data validation when entering
Order entry

Work Smarter

  • Effortless planning of laboratory activities
  • Use diagnostic-related protocols
  • Customizable color coding and laboratory activities
  • Track sample processing progress
  • Tailored billing numbers for staining and laboratory tasks
  • Generate billing proposals post-lab work completion
  • Digital status displays

Centralized Framework

  • Enabled with virtual microscopy
  • Barcode-based case assignments
  • Integrated slide viewer
  • Image repository management
  • Possibility to integrate image analysis modules
  • Remote diagnosis
Digitale Mikroskopie

Digitally Compliant

  • AI-powered accurate speech recognition
  • Storage of individualized vocabulary
  • Intelligent automated punctuation
  • Legal-compliant digital signatures
  • Order form and document signing capability
  • Coding of tumors
  • Automated cancer registry data preparation

Robust Network

  • Send results via app (iOS and Android)
  • Results delivered via email
  • Compatible formats: LDT3, PDF/A, HL7 (ADT, ORU, MDM)
  • Fully automated multi-channel fax
  • On-demand PDF access to Fax protocols

Your Journey Towards the Digital Laboratory

We are committed to providing comprehensive support throughout every stage. Our goal is to guarantee that your pathology management system operates efficiently and successfully right from the outset.

Step 1

Process Analysis

We perform an in-depth assessment of your operational and laboratory workflows to get a thorough comprehension of your lab's functioning.

Step 2

Discussion Engagement

We collaborate with you to review our analysis findings and jointly explore opportunities for improvements in financial, staffing, procedural, and technological aspects.

Step 3

Implementation Strategy

We work closely with you to develop a fitted implementation strategy that aligns entirely with your specific needs and capabilities.

Step 4
Seamless Transition

We team up to ensure a smooth implementation and system migration, prioritizing your needs and ensuring minimal disruption throughout the process.

Step 5

Training and Support

Our customized training programs guarantee a smooth beginning. We offer immediate assistance for any questions or issues that may arise.

Step 6

Productive Operation

We provide continuous support throughout the product lifespan, with dedicated customer relationship managers available to promptly address your concerns and enhancement suggestions.

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