Digital Pathology
4-Part Webinar Series

Learn How To Digitize
Rapid Microscopic Assessments

Attend our 4-Part webinar series and you will learn how to digitize rapid microscopic assessments easily and confidently.

Your Webinar Hosts

Birgit Müller
Mikel Mendieta
Martin Woywod
James Brown

Why do you need the IT department to set up
digital frozen sections?

Thursday 30.06. | 17:00 –17:45 CEST
In this virtual event, we provide healthcare professionals with a baseline understanding of the IT requirements for digital frozen sections. As a result, the communication with IT specialists will become clearer, and you will be able to drive the project to success with more confidence. Learnings: • Why is it important to involve the IT? • What are the IT requirements and what isn’t part of the scope • Who should be involved and to get a project started? Who should attend? Pathologists, IT admins, and digitization professionals

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Webinar-Recording: Digital frozen sections
– To scan or not to scan?

Thursday 21.04.22 | 17:00 –17:45 CEST

In this virtual event, we are excited to talk with Neuropathologist
Dr. Alexandru C. Stan, about pains and solutions for the digitization of intraoperative procedures.


• Why is WSI scanning unpractical for intraoperative workflows

• What should (neuro)pathologists be looking and asking for?

Guest speakers:

  • Dr. Alexandru C. Stan
    Consultant Neuropathologist & Speciality Lead, SEO Associate Professor of Neuropathology, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow

#fna #mohs #frozens #digital #pathology #surgicalpathology #oncology #microscopy #teleconsultation #neuropathology

Why letting go of your analog microscope may be easier than you think?

Thursday 28.04.22 | 17:00 –17:45 CEST

In this virtual event, we explain why microscopy professionals won’t get confused using a digital live microscope for the first time. In fact, with a digital or robotic live microscope such as the iO:M8 ROSE, they can expect a similar yet digitally enhanced user experience. 

If you are to switch to fully digital microscopy, this event is for you.


• What is a digital live microscope?

• What makes it similar (but superior) to the analog microscope?

• Why is digital microscopy really useful for rapid microscopic assessments?

#fna #mohs #frozens #digital #pathology #surgicalpathology #oncology #microscopy #teleconsultation #neuropathology

Digital pathology without WSI - 5 things you should know about digital microscopy

Thursday 19.05. | 17:00 –17:45 CEST

In this virtual event, we look at digital pathology from the perspective of the outcome, allowing you to understand for which use cases you need whole slide images (WSI) and for which you don’t need them (and you shouldn’t be using them). 


• How does digital pathology without WSI work?

• What is digital live microscopy?

• When do I need WSI and when not

#fna #mohs #frozens #digital #pathology #surgicalpathology #oncology #microscopy #teleconsultation #neuropathology

Who should attend?

Our online events are catered for healthcare professionals who are looking to use digital technology to work more flexibly and seamlessly during rapid microscopic assessments and ROSE, including Mohs, FNA and frozen sections.

What will you learn?

After attending our events, you will understand the difference between WSI-scanning and digital live microscopy, two technologies used to digitize microscopy workflows in digital pathology. You’ll know exactly why and when to use them or not.

As a result, you will be able to select the right technology confidently and engage successfully with IT specialists to reach high efficiency throughout the digitization of intraoperative consultations.

We look forward to seeing you!

Questions or suggestions?

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