PreciPoint acquires Visonex GmbH: Together for a digital future in pathology

Digitizing your Pathology Laboratory Processes: From Data Entry to Digital Report Generation

Garching, June 20, 2024 – PreciPoint, a German medical technology startup, is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of Visonex GmbH. Visonex is a Germany-based company that specializes in developing professional laboratory information systems for pathology and cytology laboratories and offers a leading technology solution.

By combining the expertise of both companies, a new standard is set in digital pathology. The combination of technologies and products enables a more comprehensive and powerful offering for digitalization and automation in pathology laboratories. This is essential to drive forward the digital transformation in pathology and make the day-to-day work of pathologists significantly easier.

Digitalization solutions for pathology

Rising case numbers coupled with stagnating human capacities are leading to ever-greater bottlenecks in pathology. Comprehensive automation and digitalization of pathology laboratories are key to sustainably increasing operational capacities and ensuring the usual high quality of patient care.

“The companies’ solutions are aimed at helping pathologists to concentrate on the work that is important to them. Among other things, our solutions enable completely new working models, for example through cross-location collaboration between pathologists to compensate for a lack of local specialist knowledge,” says Nicolas Weiß, CEO of PreciPoint Group GmbH. “This supports pathologists in the efficient processing of cancer cases and ultimately ensures improved patient care.”

Customer benefits and future developments

Visonex brings a variety of innovative digital solutions and software applications to PreciPoint that perfectly complement the existing portfolio. Customers of both companies will benefit from the acquisition through expanded product offerings, improved services, and even greater support in the digital transformation of their workflows.

Lukas Wiemers, Managing Director of Visonex GmbH: “Our vision is to transform pathology through innovative digital solutions. By merging Visonex with PreciPoint, we are taking a big step in this direction”. Bastian Kömmerling, driving force at Visonex, adds: “We are convinced that the synergies from this partnership will bring our customers significant benefits and that we can shape the digital future of pathology together with them.”

About PreciPoint

PreciPoint Group GmbH is a leading international provider of solutions for the digitalization and automation of pathology laboratories. Based in Germany, the ISO 13485:2016-certified start-up develops, produces, and markets its highly innovative products and sells them worldwide. PreciPoint’s current flagship product is the IVD medical device iO:M8, which is used by pathologists for the intraoperative viewing of frozen sections during surgical procedures on cancer patients. Furthermore, PreciPoint is an international leader in the development of solutions using cutting-edge technologies for the label-free analysis (label-free diagnostics) of pathological images.

About Visonex

Visonex GmbH is a German company specializing in the development of digital products and solutions for pathology. At its core, this includes pathology management software for pathology and cytology laboratories and other innovative add-on modules for the electronic, secure, and fast transmission of findings. With its extensive, long-standing expertise in pathology, Visonex offers solutions for more efficient and error-reduced processing of cancer cases in pathology laboratories.