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Online Teaching. Save Time and Money.

Inspire Your Students With Interactive Microscopy Courses.


PreciCloud is a virtual microscopy platform. Engage your students with modern tools and methods no matter whether you are teaching online-only courses or on-site.

Learning and Teaching Independent of Location

Access your virtual microscopy courses and slides from any device. Whether from a smartphone, notebook or for large-screen presentations, your slides are always available.

Your students can access tissue sections, smears, or course groups simply via browser, no additional software installations needed.


Create Clearly Structured Online Microscopy Courses and Exams

Create various course groups and exam questions for each case or sample.

You can easily evaluate test results online and discuss them directly with your audience.

Participants can access cases from any terminal device. No software installations are required, enabling hassle-free self-study from home.

Improve Course Collaboration

The virtual slides allow each course participant to view and work on the same sample, ensuring that everyone is able to find the relevant locations on the slide.

Lecturers and students can look at the same specimen simultaneously as a group and discuss it directly, instead of having to take turns at the microscope eyepieces.

Our high-performance platform allows you to zoom and pan within a tissue section quickly and without any delays — just as you can do on a analog microscope but without having to change the objective.

Present and Work Directly in Your Virtual Samples.

Our platform provides you with slides of the highest quality and speed.
See it for yourself and navigate through the samples below.

Whole Slide Image Limetree, Tilia — scanned with PreciPoint’s M8


Low Costs, Easy Setup

To equip a whole classroom with analog microscopes, up to 70 analog microscopes are needed. Further, all students have to be provided with slides that are as similar as possible.

With a virtual classroom, these costs can be omitted and the effort needed for preparation is reduced.

To obtain digital slides, we offer our digitization service ScanPoint. Or if you need scanned slides on a regular basis, you might want to opt for our M8 – Microscope and Scanner, giving you the freedom to digitize as many slides as you would like yourself. Our M8, furthermore, allows you to insert glass slides and immediately present and examine them digitally without having to go through any long scanning processes.

Would you like to learn more?

Contact us to learn more about how we can work together to digitize your laboratory workflows and reasearch collaborations!

No Slide Scanner at Hand?
We Scan Your Slides!

We can scan your slides if requested. Our scanners are able to scan at a magnification of 100x (oil included) and handle varying slide sizes and thicknesses.
scan point microscopy courses

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