Mikroskop und Slidescanner M8 im Einsatz

Our Microscope and ViewPoint in Use for Research in Fertility Feasibility in Transwomen

The study aimed to evaluate the feasibility of fertility preservation in pre-pubertal individuals undergoing gender-affirming hormone therapy. The established method of cryopreservation of immature testicular tissue, containing a population of diploid spermatogonia, is utilized as a means of preserving the spermatogenic potential of these individuals. A retrospective analysis of testicular tissue from 25 selected subjects was performed, who received a comparable hormonal regimen utilizing cyproterone acetate and estrogens.

Jennifer Dabel et al.


“Germ cells of transwomen are affected by gender-affirming hormone therapy (GAHT). Fertility will be lost after surgical intervention; thereby, fertility preservation becomes an increasingly important topic. This study investigated if the absolute number of spermatogonia in transwomen is comparable at the time of gender-affirming surgery (GAS) to that in pre-pubertal boys.”

What Were PreciPoint Products Used For?

For the analysis of tissue and measurement of germ cells, the researchers used our digital microscope equipped with a 60x objective. Researchers analyzed two independent MAGE A4-stained tissue sections. The samples were then viewed using ViewPoint software, which was used to identify and count all MAGE A4-positive and -negative spermatogonia within each sample.

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