Digital microscope and M8 slidescanner used for pathology teaching

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic educations in medicine was facing new challenges, because of social distancing and new hygiene standards. With digitalization, education should overcome these challenges and because of these sudden changes, the process to come in to digital working was pushed forward very fast. Farinawati Yazid et al. published a study where they observed „The Use of Digital Microscope in Oral Pathology Teaching” by using our M8.


„Oral Pathology course has always been synonym with practical learning using microscope to identify histological features in order to diagnose. However, many students had expressed their difficulty in learning this subject when using light microscope (LM). The study was to evaluate the effectiveness of digital microscope (DM) as a teaching aid in Oral Pathology. 53 students of 4th year Dentistry at Dental Faculty, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) were required to view 20 pathological cases, both under LM and DM and diagnose them. Questionnaires on their preference microscope were evaluated. There were 92% response rate to the survey. 87% students preferred DM over LM. 92% students agreed that DM positively improved their learning and had sufficient resolution to allow identification and magnification of the slides viewed. 95% students agreed that DM was effective for the course purpose. For the diagnosis exercise, all participants managed to answer correctly using DM compared to LM. Therefore, it was shown that the students’ favored DM more than LM. Thus, indicating that this should certainly be integrated as a teaching tool to enhance the learning process within the dental curriculum in the future. “

What was the M8 used for?

Our digital microscope was used for scanning different slides on that the students could do the practical learning. We are proud that our microscope was part of this study. The digital transformation is a big step to overcome several challenges not only with Covid-19 but also challenges in distances coming with ongoing globalization and other problems that can be solved by digital solutions.

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Where can I find the publication?

If you want to read the entire publication, click on this link:
The Use of Digital Microscope in Oral Pathology Teaching