Microscopy Collaboration

Work In a Team via Remote Access
on Microscopy Slides.
Share, Annotate, and Evaluate Virtual Slides.

Virtual Microscopy Platform:
Perform Your Microscopy Tasks Independent of Location.


PreciCloud is a virtual microscopy platform. It allows you to access your high-resolution slide scans from anywhere, simply via your browser. This way, you and your team are able to simultaneously view and work on slides without any need for additional software installations.

Work Directly on Your Slides

You will have an overview of the entire histology slide at all times.

Our high-performance platform allows you to zoom and pan within a tissue section quickly and without any delays — just as you can do on a analog microscope but without having to change the objective.

Annotate, measure and analyze directly in the virtual slide.

Sharing microscopy slides

Share Slides Instantly and Get Results Faster

Access your virtual microscopy courses and slides from any device. Whether from a smartphone, notebook or for large-screen presentations, your slides are always available.

Easily share tissue sections or smears with your research group via link, no additional software installations needed.

No Slide Scanner at Hand?
We Scan Your Slides!

We can scan your slides if requested. Our scanners are able to scan at a magnification of 100x (oil included) and handle varying slide sizes and thicknesses.

scan point microscopy courses

High Image Quality and Performant Access

See it for yourself and navigate through the samples below.

Whole Slide Image Limetree, Tilia — scanned with PreciPoint’s M8

Would you like to learn more?

Contact us to learn more about how we can work together to digitize your laboratory workflows and reasearch collaborations!

Best-practice case:
Quality control in bone marrow cytology with PreciCloud


A hematology quality control group in the Netherlands was run digitally with 10 laboratories within a week. The whole process used to take up to 10 weeks, because the physical test sample had to be mailed from one lab to the next.

The bone marrow and blood smear test samples were digitized at 100x with PreciPoint. The quality control group shared a link to the test slides in the online microscopy platform PreciCloud with the laboratories. They could all start the evaluation straight away and the results were available immediately.

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More About Virtual Microscopy for online collaborations?

"I was impressed with how well PreciCloud works.
I just get a link from you and have the virtual slides instantly on my computer screen and smartphone."

Dr. ir. A.A.M. Ermens
Specialist Laboratory Medicine, Clinical Laboratory
Hematology Digital Round Robin Test