For Histological Research on Biomaterials and Implants, Berlin Analytix uses the M8 - Digital Microscope and Scanner

Rui da Silva Guimaraes

Rui da Silva Guimaraes

Customer Service Representative at PreciPoint. Supports customers in the DACH region in the transition to digital transmitted light microscopy.

Working digitally reduces the time and effort we need to acquire high-quality images by 50% on average.

Challenges to be solved:

We have been working with various systems in the field of digital pathology, telepathology, and biomaterials for over 15 years. In the past, several single images were used to spot-check tissue reactions to biomaterials in their entirety. However, the reactions can vary greatly from one place of the sample to another and make a reliable overall assessment difficult. For studies and publications, high-quality overview images are indispensable. We use so-called “total scans” to better assess the entire sample. The software for this is often very complicated and difficult to set up before you can even start scanning. Especially the selection of the areas to be scanned is often incredibly complicated and slow. With a high number of publications and studies, this results in an unnecessarily high effort.

“I was amazed at how much faster and more intuitive the scanning process is. You immediately have an overview of the entire slide and can easily select the relevant scan areas.”

Dr. Mike Barbeck
Co-Founder of Berlin Analytix

Our approach and solution:

With the M8 we get overview images of the entire slide on the monitor within seconds. Thereby we select the areas to be scanned without missing anything. The selection of the areas in the software is many times easier than with other systems. Overall, we are up to 50% faster in the current scanning workflow than in the previous workflow. The M8 from PreciPoint simply convinced us of the overall package. It delivers scans with outstanding image quality and is extremely easy to control via the software. For us, the system simply has an unbeatable price/performance ratio.

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